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A Mothers Love

Latest News and Scammers

Things are not always as they seem. At the hearing that was held on Dec. 8th 2006 the over all feeling that we walked away with was that the nightmare was ending and reunification of mother and child was only days away. Not yet...But we continue to pray.

It is Christmas Eve and most of the family did get to go on there trip to Ohio. Against the mothers wishes and court agreement the foster parents took the victims 17 year old son to West Virginia instead of his original plans and join his mother and 2 sisters to Ohio. The mother took it very hard. She wanted only 1 thing this Christmas and that was to be with her 3 children& family. She feels that DFCS neglected their job to encourage her son to follow thru with his family commitments. When brought to DFCS attention. They were more concerned with accomidating the foster family than her desires to spend the Christmas Holidays with her 3 children. She knows that it is a miracle that she even has the opportunity to go home again. She is in a safe place right now where her and her family can feel at ease and enjoy each others company. It is a reminder of all that she is struggling for. We will be posting new information in her case as it arrises. Let me remind you that not all the darkness in the world can  drown out the light of one single candle. And I ask you to continue to pray. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!!


Nov. 5th 2006- The nightmare begins. This is the night that started it all as her attacker broke into her home and brutally attacked her. In the end he died.

Dec. 8th - The vicitm went to court against DFCS. The court awarded her custody based on her having a stable home and her passing a psych evaluation.

Dec 15th 2006- the victim was informed that her index finger needed to be amputated. It hasn't healed and infection has set up around the pin. The doctor removed a pin and put a splint to buy time until she can get some kind of medical assistance.

Dec. 22 (only days before Christmas)- The victim was informed by Cherokee county Family Violence Apartment manager that they were considering past credit issues on her application for the violence center's apartment complex she has been planning to live in. They informed her that her case worker had said she owed money to section 8. However the victim has never used section 8. I may be wrong but I believe that  regulations for funding and grants for this organization clearly state that violence does not know income and people cannot be denied on grounds of income or past credit history. Also, the manager stated that she was unaware of her 18 year old daughter and that she to would need to fill out an application. This will delay it even more.

Jan. 4, 2007.....Happy New Year. The victim was informed today that she has been approved for her apartment. Now she must wait for section 8 briefing? Not sure what that is but I hope it will not take long. She is very excited and hopes this will be the beginning of the end of her nightmare.

Also coming soon..Bad doggy?? Stay tuned for details!!


You won't like me when I am angry...grrrrr!

Could you imagine someone ripping off this mother? Do you remember we posted a need for an affordable car? Well let this begin our hall of shame. A month ago we purchased a 1988 Honda from someone who answered our request. We paid extra to get everything fixed and warrantied on the car. It was to be ready the next week. The car was not ready and when we requested that the sale be refunded he had spent the money and refused but promised to fix the problem within a week.  A month later no car and he will not even return her calls. I will hold off on the name of this local scam artist for a minute. But this is the last request to fix the problem.....NOW...please.


Goals we have set so far

Our list is some what still the same or first priority is for reunification of this family. The mother also has several medical issues that need attention. Reminder, she does not have any insurance and has yet to recieve any assistance from her social worker to help with these matters. We still need to continue to raise funds for this family. The home they are waiting on is only a temporary living situation. The mother was told her index finger would need to be amputated and this means she will need to retrain her hands to do hair. It has been recommended to her that she attend some classes in the event that she is unable to continue doing hair.

Raise funds....not sure how...ideas?

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Georgia Foster care manual
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Much support is still needed for medical and living expenses. Thank you everyone who has already offered finacial support and thank you most for your prayers!