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A Mothers Love
Everyone may I introduce to you Sue White....
The Cherokee county survivor of a brutal attack and rape.




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Please continue to pray for this family. The battle is far from over and the mother is now at risk of having her finger amputated.

The hands that once saved them are the hands they now need to survive.


Thank you Cherokee county Deputy Rampley, Deputy Lowe and Deputy Driskell!  Words can't express how thankful this mother was for the way  you handled her daughter.  You guys deserve a medal for your instincts on handling the child. You can be taught alot of things but, to be able to comfort a mother and child in that situation is a gift.  Thank you from everyone!!

This link will take you to Chris Krok love interview with the victim. Go to the audio links near the bottom of the page. 


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Men behind the cause. Click her for KROK!!!

We are here to share the courage of a Georgia vicitm and to help other women to fight back. This Georgia Victim is doing better but has a long road ahead. Please offer support if you have it. And please pray everyday and every night for this family.

For those of you who may have forgotten, on November the 5th, 2006 in Cherokee county Georgia a horrific crime occurred. A 37 year old single mother of 3 had someone bust thru her back window with a shotgun. After he got into the home he went on to brutally rape and stab the female at least 25 times. The entire time her 7 year old daughter was in the bathtub where she was ordered to stay until he told her otherwise. Once the attacker was done he ordered the mother to call her daughter in so he could have his way with her. The mother then acted as if she was dead. Once he thought he had killed her he got up and went after the daughter. After he was out of sight the mother pulled herself up and got a knife. The attacker heard her and came back after her again, but as he did the mother stabbed him in the chest. The battle continued for some time ending in his death. This was one of the bloodiest crime scenes experienced in 25 years and the first time in Cherokee county history that a rape ended with the female killing her attacker. How the female survived we will never know. She said she knew she couldn't die because her baby needed her. The media says she saved her daughter. She says her daughter saved her. Because without her need to protect her she would have probably died that night. As a result DFACS took custody of her child, saying that she had chosen bad people to associate with.  She had no idea that this guy that she had once attended school with could have ever done something of this nature. She didn't invite him there that night. She didn't tell him to wear a ski mask in and try to shoot her. She certainly didn't ask him to come and to rape and stab her in front of her child. Could you imagine going thru this just to end up separated from the child you had tried so hard to protect. Had this mother not used her instincts and played dead I may have been writing you about a double murder. But that isn't the case. However this mother did get robbed of all she had worked for. Her beautiful home that she loved so much was so blood stained, most everything had to be removed from it. Even if this were not the case she could never take her daughter back to the house which would be such a reminder of the things that happened that night. As far as going back to work it will be a while, her hands had severe damage from crushed bones and stabs from the knife. Her biggest concern now is getting her family back. To do this she will go in front of a DFACS panel and must be able to show she has a stable home and can provide for her children. We have set up an account to help her with this and I am hoping as a community that we can reward this hero and help her to be able to fight for her family. The fund is set up at Bank of America in the name of "A Mothers Love".This is a Georgia account for anyone sending money across the states. If you have any questions please email me at hsalon@bellsouth.net. Thank you so much for any donation you may have to offer.

Families unite. Together we can do anything.

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This tree is done in the ribbon colors for stopping violence against women. Women wear purple and men wear white. The tree is at our drop off location.

Donations may be made at any Bank Of America under the name of A Mothers Love. You may also donate with paypal by clicking the Make Donation below. Please email us for the EIN number if needed at hsalon@bellsouth.net. Thanks and God bless!

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Much support is still needed for medical and living expenses. Thank you everyone who has already offered finacial support and thank you most for your prayers!